HostelPass is the first pre-paid pass for accommodation in the best hostels in Europe.

Pre-pay a fixed price for the number of nights you want lodging during your trip, and then use those nights in any city that we work in. While you travel, use our app to choose your city, dates, and preferences. Then, with one click, you can book your favorite of the three curated and vetted hostels we find just for you. No need to worry about payment or putting in your information – just click “BOOK” and you’re set!

We understand that you don’t want to spend all of your time on your phone or computer looking for the best hostel you can find, when you could be outside, exploring the beautiful new cities that you are in. That’s why we are here!

You can use your pass to stay in Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest, Lisbon, London, Paris, and Prague. If you want us to add another city to the pass please email and we’ll contact the best hostels as soon as possible.

You should expect to meet likeminded people from all over the world, all on their own journeys around Europe and all with interesting stories to tell. You should also expect to sleep in a shared room with these likeminded strangers, oftentimes in a bunk bed. But as William Butler Yeats once said “There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet.”

Some hostel rooms are en-suite (bathrooms in the room), which you will share with your roommates, while others have shared bathrooms outside of the rooms.

Most hostels have free breakfast and some even have free dinner. Many also have kitchens where you can cook yourself a nice meal to share with your new friends before a city tour or pub-crawl organized by your hostel. No matter what city you’re in, by staying in curated hostels through HostelPass – you will meet like-minded people from all over the world.

Some hostels may let you rent a towel during your stay, but these things often don’t come free, so to be safe, don’t forget to pack toiletries, a towel, and a pair of shower flip-flops. You will also have a locker to store your valuables; some hostels provide a padlock free of charge but it is always smart to carry one.

We make sure that we only partner with the best hostels in every city. The two founders – Sarah and Meir have toured Europe and handpicked the hostels to add to the HostelPass platform. We promise that we won’t put you in a bed that we wouldn’t happily sleep in (and we’ve got high standards!).

Also, through our sorting and filtering algorithm based on your preferences, we make sure that the hostels we offer are curated for you and have good vibes.

You should book as soon as you know that you will be staying in a city so that you can make sure that you get the best hostel that matches your preference. Don’t forget that the best hostels fill the fastest and as much as we would love to, we can’t make more beds appear out of thin air.

This depends on your room size preference. Unless you specify that you want to share a room with many people (a larger dorm room), we will offer you a bed in the most private dorm room available in the hostel. Dorm room sizes can rage from 4 people to 22 people (although that is mainly for the hardcore hosteller), and average around 8 people per room.

Fortunately for you, we work with many hostels in each city, so a total lack of availability is very unlikely. If things are looking busy, we’ll let you know to book your hostel as soon as possible (keep your push notifications on!), ensuring that you’ll get the hostel that is best suited for you!

For now, HostelPass is only for dorm rooms. Stay tuned for our Private Room Pass.

You can start saving for your next trip. If another Europe adventure doesn’t seem likely, you can transfer your nights to a friend/travel buddy/relative/lover/anyone you like, free of charge. Please note that the nights that have been purchased with the low-season discount cannot be used during the high-season.

HostelPass is only valid during the specified season and expires 2 years after purchase if not used at all. If you would like to return HostelPass after purchasing, but before using the first night you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the purchase price of your Pass.

After you use the first night of your HostelPass, your nights expire in one-year following the date that your pass is first used. Please note that this also holds true for the nights that have been transferred.