20 French Phrases You Need to Know When Staying in Hostels in France


So you’re planning a trip to France? Très bien! You’re going to have an amazing time. Plus, staying in hostels is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the local culture while keeping your expenses in check.

While English is commonly spoken in many tourist areas, learning a few essential French phrases will certainly help enhance your experience and help you connect with the locals on a deeper level.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 French phrases you need to know that will prove invaluable during your hostel stay in France. From greeting your fellow travelers to asking for directions or ordering a croissant at the nearby boulangerie, these phrases will empower you to navigate the vibrant streets of France with confidence. So, let’s delve into the world of French language and culture, and make the most out of your hostel adventure in this enchanting country!

1. Je suis enregistré sous le nom de… – I am registered under the name of…

It is important to know this phrase because when you check-in at a hostel, you’ll need to provide your name for registration. Being able to communicate this information in French ensures a smooth and efficient check-in process.

2. Où sont les casiers pour ranger mes affaires ? – Where are the lockers to store my belongings?

Knowing where the lockers are located is crucial for keeping your belongings safe and secure during your stay in a hostel. This question allows you to inquire about the location of lockers and ensure the protection of your valuables.

3. Est-ce que vous avez des serviettes de bain à louer ? – Do you have towels to rent?

Many hostels charge a fee for towel rental or require guests to bring their own towels. Asking this question allows you to clarify the availability and rental policy of towels, ensuring you are prepared for your stay.

4. Est-ce que vous avez une carte de la ville ? – Do you have a map of the city?

Having a map of the city is immensely helpful for navigating and exploring your surroundings. Asking for a map at the hostel reception allows you to familiarize yourself with the city’s layout and plan your itinerary effectively.

5. Quelle est l’heure du petit déjeuner ? – What time is breakfast served?

Breakfast timings may vary from one hostel to another. Knowing the breakfast schedule ensures that you can plan your day accordingly, allowing you to start your mornings with a delicious and satisfying meal.

6. Est-ce qu’il y a un ordinateur disponible pour les invités ? – Is there a computer available for guests to use?

In case you need to print important documents, knowing if the hostel provides guest computers is valuable information. This question allows you to inquire about the availability and usage policies of computers at the hostel.

7. Comment fonctionne la machine à laver ? – How does the washing machine work?

If the hostel offers laundry facilities, understanding how the washing machine operates is essential. This question enables you to ask for instructions on using the machine, ensuring you can do your laundry efficiently.

8. Est-ce que vous avez un sèche-cheveux que je pourrais emprunter ? – Do you have a hairdryer I could borrow?

If you don’t want to pack a hairdryer or your current one malfunctions, borrowing one from the hostel can be convenient. Asking this question allows you to check if the hostel provides hairdryers for guest use.

9. À quelle heure est le check-out ? – What time is check-out?

Knowing the check-out time is crucial for planning your departure from the hostel. It ensures that you are aware of the deadline to vacate your room and avoid any inconvenience.

10. Y a-t-il un supermarché à proximité ? – Is there a supermarket nearby?

Being aware of the location of a nearby supermarket is useful for purchasing groceries or any other essentials during your stay. Adding this to the list of 20 French phrases you need to know will help you identify convenient shopping options in the vicinity.

11. Où puis-je acheter un adaptateur de prise électrique ? – Where can I buy an electrical adapter?

If you forgot to bring an electrical adapter or need a specific type for the country’s power outlets, knowing where to buy one is important. This question allows you to inquire about nearby stores or locations where you can purchase an adapter.

12. Est-ce que je peux stocker de la nourriture dans le réfrigérateur ? – Can I store food in the fridge?

If you have perishable food items or want to store snacks, knowing if the hostel allows guests to use the refrigerator is crucial. Asking this question helps you understand the hostel’s policy on food storage.

13. Comment puis-je me rendre à…? – How can I get to…?

When exploring a new city, you may need directions to specific landmarks, attractions, or public transportation hubs. Asking this question allows you to seek guidance on how to reach your desired destination.

14. Où puis-je trouver des informations touristiques sur la ville ? – Where can I find tourist information about the city?

If you need brochures, maps, or guidance about local attractions and activities, knowing where to find tourist information is valuable. This question helps you locate tourist information centers or resources within the hostel.

15. Est-ce qu’il y a des activités organisées pour les invités ? – Are there any activities organized for guests?

Some hostels organize social events or group activities for their guests. Asking this question allows you to inquire about any planned activities, providing you with opportunities to socialize and meet fellow travelers.

16. À quelle heure ferme la réception ? – What time does the reception close?

Knowing the reception’s closing time is important, especially if you plan to arrive late or need assistance outside regular hours. This question helps you ensure that you can access the reception and its services within the designated hours.

17. Est-ce que vous avez un plan de métro ? – Do you have a subway map?

If you plan to use the subway system for transportation, having a subway map is immensely helpful. Asking this question allows you to check if the hostel provides subway maps, making it easier for you to navigate the city.

18. Comment accéder à la connexion Wi-Fi ? – How do I access the Wi-Fi?

In today’s connected world, having access to Wi-Fi is essential. This question allows you to inquire about the process of connecting to the hostel’s Wi-Fi network, ensuring you can stay connected and access important information online.

19. Est-ce que je peux utiliser votre cuisine ? – Can I use your kitchen?

If the hostel provides a communal kitchen, being able to use it can save you money on dining out. This question helps you inquire about the availability and usage policy of the kitchen facilities.

20. Y a-t-il un endroit pour ranger mes bagages après le check-out ? – Is there a place to store my luggage after check-out?

If you have a late departure and need to store your luggage after check-out, knowing if the hostel offers luggage storage facilities is crucial. This question allows you to inquire about post-check-out storage options.

These 20 French phrases you need to know can help you communicate more effectively with hostel staff and fellow travelers and make your stay more comfortable.

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