5 Best Things To Do in London

things to do in london

What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about the city of London? The capital of the UK has long been a popular location for travellers of all ages, backgrounds and budgets with something for absolutely everyone. 

With frequent travel connections by Eurostar train and by low cost airline to the rest of Europe, and plenty of long haul flights going straight into London, it’s a great place to either start or end your journey if you’re planning on travelling around Europe for a while.

As it’s such a popular city, especially with younger travellers, there are plenty of hostels for you to choose from, all with different vibes and all across the city. London can be expensive, but with the HostelPass membership you can save up to 20% off hostels across the city including Generator, Selina Camden, multiple Astor hostels and Clink261. That’s up to 20% off both dorm beds or private rooms and you can also experience discounts off a variety of excursions – some of which are on this list!

So, let’s find out some of the best things to do while you’re in London!

1. Visit Borough Market

things to do in london

Who’s hungry? If you’re spending the day walking around this sprawling, historic city, then you’re sure to be building up a hearty appetite. Lucky for you Borough Market is always on hand to help you satiate your hunger and keep you going on your adventures.

There are loads of food markets and street food spots all across London, but Borough Market is the oldest in the city and has stood the test of time for a reason. Nestled under a series of railway arches, Borough Market is full to the brim with fresh produce, tasty baked treats, piles upon piles of cheeses and meats, all perfect for cooking up a storm or creating your dream perfect to have in one of London’s many parks.

Alternatively, head to the street food vendors in the market and experience hot, tasty meals from all over the world – a testament to the multicultural heart of London!

2. Enjoy a wander along the Thames

things to do in london

If you want a way to check out some of London’s most iconic sights while also feeling like the main character in a Richard Curtis movie, then grab some comfortable shoes and head towards the River Thames. 

The Thames is the heart of the city, with most locations and areas being defined as north or south of the river – be warned some cab drivers only stay on one side of the river so check before you get in.

You’ll find a super long footpath that runs all along the river, taking you past beautiful buildings, historic landmarks as well as a fair amount of cosy, quaint pubs. If you want to stretch your legs and get your heart rate pumping, the Thames footpath is a popular running route.

3. Go on a food tour

things to do in london

Thanks to London’s storied past and melting pot culture, there are tons of amazing food and drink spots just waiting to be discovered, but with so many options it can be difficult to find those delicious – and affordable – hidden gems. That’s where Secret Food Tours come in.

Secret Tours offer five different London-based tours: Secret Indian Food Tours, Secret Beer Tours, Secret Food Tours: London Bridge, Secret Food Tours: London Shoreditch and Secret Gin Tours, so there really is something to suit everyone. As you go between venues, learn more about the history and culture of the area you’re in and have some delicious food and drink while you’re at it – sounds almost perfect!

Well, what makes this pure perfection is that HostelPass members get 12% off any Secret Tour! Okay, now it’s perfect.

4. Explore the city through fun games with Questo

Want to enjoy a fun and completely way to see London? Questo are offering discounts on their city exploration packs to HostelPass members in a wide range of European cities, including London.

Anyone can go on a basic walking tour to see the many, many sights that London has to offer, but if you want to add an extra layer of fun to your trip, then Questo exploration is the way to do it. 

Follow clues and complete challenges all across the city and uncover new places and stories. Choose between outdoor quests in the city or indoor quests in castles, museums, villas and hundreds of other places. Be the investigative main character you’ve always wanted to be and experience London in a new and exciting way!

5. Take to the water on a sightseeing cruise 

If you’re looking for a slightly fancier way to experience London, then the best way is to take to the water on a Thames sightseeing cruise. There are plenty of cruises running from four separate docking points along the river, so wherever you’re based or whatever you’re doing next, there’s bound to be a convenient option for you.

Sail along the calming river and enjoy the multilingual commentary highlighting the best that London has to offer as you wind between the old and the new parts of the city that give it its unique vibe. From the river you can see plenty of amazing landmarks from a new perspective so don’t forget to take plenty of photos and enjoy the ride.

HostelPass members also get 20% off Thames Sightseeing Cruises, so don’t forget to pick up an annual HostelPass membership to get these great savings off hostels, food tours, exploration tours, sightseeing cruises and more! It’ll probably pay for itself in this one trip alone!

So, there you have it, the five best things to do in London, with some great discounts thrown in courtesy of us here at HostelPass. Yes, London can be expensive, but if you know where to go and you have one of our cards, you know that you’ll be getting the best value for money possible – what’s not to love? 

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