5 Best Things To Do In Prague

5 Best Things To Do In Prague

It’s no secret that Prague is a great European city to visit. The Czech capital has become a popular tourist destination in Europe and has continued to grow in popularity in recent years. Prague offers tons of history and culture as well as better value for money than some of the other Western European capital cities, thanks to Czechia having its own currency, the Czech Koruna, instead of the Euro.

This combined with the fact that it has great rail and budget flight links with the rest of Europe, makes Prague a must visit for anyone exploring this beautiful part of the world. With influences from all around the world and from different eras of history, there’s something new around every corner. There’s something for every kind of traveller to enjoy. 

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We’ve already established that Prague is an amazing place, but what are some of the best things to do in the gorgeous Czech capital? Let’s find out.

The 5 Best Things To Do In Prague

1. Christmas Markets

5 Best Things To Do In Prague

The Christmas Markets that spring up all across Europe in the winter months are crowd pleasers that attract thousands of travellers each year. Prague’s Christmas Markets are no different. As an affordable alternative to neighbouring Germany with its plethora of festive markets, the historic Wenceslas Square plays host to a bustling winter wonderland that sprawls out across the Old Town.

Grab a big mug of mulled wine, take in the twinkling lights and delicious smells and wander around these unique Christmas Markets. Spend as much or as little as you like – you can buy tons of souvenirs and gifts, taste all the local cuisine, or just people watch around the area. Get yourself into the festive spirit and enjoy taking in a beautiful, historic and cultural city – it’s the best of both worlds!

2. Cave Exploration

Now, this might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think about European city breaks in general and Prague specifically, but just a short day trip away from the city centre is a huge system of beautiful natural caves and tunnels that go underneath the entire surrounding Bohemian region.

The most popular locations are the Koněprusy Caves, which is a huge cave system that has loads of super impressive stalactites and stalagmites, and the Bozkov Dolomite Caves which host a gorgeous, dreamy looking subterranean lake. Definitely worth a visit if you’re wanting to escape the city and enjoy some nature. 

3. Golden Lane Shopping

5 Best Things To Do In Prague

With Prague being such a historic city with different styles of architecture, there are plenty of different areas and atmospheres to soak up. One such cool and quirky place to explore is Golden Lane. A series of 16th century houses along a cute cobbled street, Golden Lane is a highly Instagram worthy spot that you can definitely spend a few hours wandering around, getting lost and rifling around the different artisanal shops.

Getting its name from the goldsmiths that used to live and work there, it’s now home to antique, vintage and craft stores where you can pick up a souvenir or two and appreciate the different designs and aesthetics from Prague’s storied past. Remember to shop around for the best price and make sure you have enough space in your luggage before you get carried away with all those beautiful keepsakes.

4. Vltava River Boat Trip

If you want to see Prague from a completely different angle, then take to the water on one of the many Vltava River Boat trips that zig zag up and down the water, taking in all the sites of the city while listening along to expert commentary.

Now, of course, a load of boat trips and river cruises can be pretty expensive, but for the Vltava there are loads of different options from the more affordable one hour quick trips to full sunset dinner cruises and everything in between.

Don’t forget to ask at your hostel tour desk or reception to see if they have any tour operators they’d recommend or any discounts that they might have on offer.

5. Go to a Classical Music Concert

Prague has a long history of enjoying classical music. Opera and ballet is still something that the residents are passionate about to this very day. In the heart of the city, in Wenceslas Square, you’ll find the Prague State Opera, a gorgeous, ornate Rococo era building that is simply awe-inspiring. 

You can also catch classical concerts across Prague’s many cathedrals, churches and music halls with everything from string quartets, to opera, to full philharmonic orchestras. Although opera and ballet are often seen as expensive, elitist performances to experience, you can get tickets from as little as 5 Euros (110 CZK). It’s an affordable way to experience the Czech culture and enjoy some beautiful music.

Don’t Miss These 5 Best Things To Do In Prague

So there you have it – five amazing, completely different, but all affordable things to do in the historic city of Prague. Whether you want to explore the local shops, relax by the river, get out of the city and have a nature-based adventure, or a combination of all, you can make your trip to Prague whatever you want it to be, and for a reasonably low cost. 

With all this new found inspiration, why not book your next trip to the Czech capital? And while you’re at it, you could save some money along the way with our epic HostelPass membership. For just £19.99 a year you get up to 40% off hostels, tours, museum tickets, pub crawls and much more. You know it makes sense…

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