Prague: 5 Can’t-Miss Photo Spots in Prague


Confession time: I get excited about travel for lots of different reasons — new cultures, new foods, new sights — but I also get hyped about all of the gorgeous photo opportunities I’ll have. With the rise of social media, snapping that perfect picture is increasingly on our minds as we travel everywhere from our local coffee shops all the way to Europe. In good HostelPass fashion, we’ve made your travel experience even easier by narrowing down the hundreds of photo ops to just a few must-snap spots. Here are our top five photo spots in Prague:

1. Vlatva River

Let’s start with the obvious: The Vltava River that runs right through the heart of Prague is likely to end up in many of your photos, and no complaints here. The bridge architecture, the reflections of the charming Czech buildings and the lush greenery on the river banks make for a stunning photo. The river is long, so you’ll be able to photograph it from lots of angles, capturing different parts of the famed Czech city with each new picture. The second photo was taken behind the cafe Bohemian in Kampa Island, right on the riverbank. 

2. Prague Castle

A classic photo stop, Prague Castle is the most-visited tourist attraction in Prague, and for good reason: it’s massive. It features architecture from many different eras, the most prominent being the St. Vitas Cathedral portion that towers over the rest of Old Town Square. While the Cathedral and the rest of the castle make for a pretty picture, the views from the top of the Cathedral overlooking Prague from above are just as gorgeous. 

3. Letensky Profil

The Letensky Profil itself is a rock formation just outside the city that is home to a lovely park as well as a spectacular view of the city and the Vltava River running through it. Take a picnic along with your camera and make a great afternoon out of this awesome photo locale. Even clouds and fog add to the scene, giving it a cozy look.

4. Novy Svet

Novy Svet is that charming quintessential European setting you’re looking for, complete with cobblestones, colorful cottages and cafes. Plus, all the tourists will be flocking to Golden Lane for a similar vibe while you’ll be snapping the most authentic photos and sipping killer lattes in this off-the-beaten path location. Try to get here early in the morning to catch that golden sunrise light.

5. The Lennon Wall

Absolutely iconic, The John Lennon Wall had to make this list. Young Czech people in the 1980s commandeered the wall as a place to publically display their desires for peace and love by painting words and pictures inspired by John Lennon. Make your way to this infamous spot to leave your mark on history and take a few pictures of the wall as it is now.

These five photo spots in Prague are just barely scratching the surface of all Prague has to offer, photo-wise. While super-tousity, the Charles Bridge and Old Town Square are also classic spots to capture your memories of Prague. Tag your Prague photos with @hostelpass for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

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