6 Fun Places to Travel With Friends

6 Fun Places to Travel With Friends

Although solo travelling is great and is definitely something that everyone should experience at least once, there’s nothing like exploring a new destination with a group of friends that you’ve known for years. And there’s no better place to do so than Europe. 

With tons of great cities, cultures and relatively cheap trains and buses connecting them all, it’s the perfect place to have a great time with your pals. When you’re travelling with friends, it’s a great way to split costs from airport transfers to supermarket shops to accommodation.

Depending on how many of you are travelling, you can even reserve a whole dorm room for you and your group – getting a private room for the price of a dorm bed! To make it even better, if you get a Hostel Card for just £19.99 a year, you can get up to 20% off at a whole bunch of high-quality, social hostels all across Europe. Here’s where you need to travel with friends…

1. Amsterdam

6 Fun Places to Travel With Friends

The capital of The Netherlands is a famous European destination to explore with your friends, especially if you’re using it as a jumping off point for a longer interrailing experience. With tons of museums, galleries and cultural monuments, there is plenty to discover during the day, by foot, by canal or by the ever popular bicycles that are absolutely everywhere in the city.

Amsterdam really comes alive at night. There are so many bars, clubs and cafes where you can go and have a great time with your friends. With such a focus on nightlife, it’s important to go out and enjoy it with people you know will look after each other, making the capital of the Netherlands a strong choice for a fun destination to visit with friends.

2. Berlin

6 Fun Places to Travel With Friends

Similarly to Amsterdam, the German capital has a reputation for a rich, storied cultural heritage together with a legendary nightlife scene. From the Reichstag to the reintroduction of endangered species at the Berlin Zoo to incredible street art tours and food to stuff yourself with (currywurst and doner kebabs are a must- there are even vegan versions now), there’s something for everyone in your friendship group.

If you’re travelling across Europe with your friends and you’re on a budget, you’d love to know that most of the museums and galleries in Berlin are free to enter. There are also special deals for young people. That together with the fact that the city is pretty much covered in living history from the last century like the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate, all of which are just there in the middle of the city, it’s an ideal place to explore with friends. 

3. Barcelona

If you and your friends are looking for a good time, it’s hard not to have fun in the beautiful Spanish coastal metropolis of Barcelona. Especially if you’re into art and culture, this city is going to be great for you with beautiful pieces of work by Antonio Gaudi all across the city.

Being by the Mediterranean Sea, there is a mix of vibes between your European city break and a relaxing seaside holiday. Whatever vibe you’re looking for, you can have it all here and with some deliciously fresh seafood and cocktails to get the party started.

4. Lisbon

6 Fun Places to Travel With Friends

If you’re looking to kick off your shoes and dive into a fun but altogether more chill adventure with your pals, then look no further than Lisbon. Portugal has long been a favourite for beachside resorts and package holidays, but Lisbon offers the best of both a city break and relaxing beach trip. 

If you’re looking for fun things to do, why not hit the waves? The beaches around Lisbon are great for beginner surfers, paddle boarders and kayakers with schools up and down the coast and it’s an awesome way to explore the area and have a good laugh while you and your friends fall and spin around the water.

5. Budapest

If you and your friends are looking for European fun on a budget, then consider visiting the classic city break destination of Budapest. The capital of Hungary is a favourite among young and old travellers alike and is a lot cheaper than many other European capitals as it doesn’t use the Euro as its currency. Also, Hungary has a growing brewery and vineyard scene that means locally created booze is cheap and widely available.

Split into Buda and Pest – the old town and new town – there are plenty of historic, iconic places to explore and if you’re looking for something fun and relaxing for your entire group, why not head to one of the city’s many, many natural open air spas. You’ll see people of all ages and nationalities using them all year round – even in the snow! 

6. Liverpool

If you and your friends are thinking of heading to England, you might think of London or Manchester first, but for a good time with friends, there’s no better city break than Liverpool. Home to The Beatles, legendary football teams and massively friendly locals, it’s the perfect place to explore on a budget.

Take in the historic Albert Docks, eat until you burst at the trendy street food hall, Baltic Market, and chill out down by the River Mersey. As night rolls in there are plenty of clubs, bars and themed warehouse nights to check out; including the original chaotic Bongo’s Bingo. Fair warning, it’s not your nana’s average bingo night with drinking challenges, holidays as prizes, table dancing and more…

Now it’s time for you to travel with friends

Whatever kind of fun holiday vibe you and your friends are looking for, you can definitely find it by travelling around Europe. From nights out, to taking part in exciting and explorative group activities such as Questo App or Street Hunt Games, to taking in the history and culture of a place with your besties. There is so much to love about sharing this kind of European travel experience with your friends.

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