6 Funky, Hidden Gem Hostels That Promise A Unique Stay In Europe


Embark on an unforgettable journey on your next Europe trip and immerse yourself in a world of quirky charm with our curated list of six funky, hidden gem hostels that promise a unique stay. From repurposed historical buildings to creatively themed spaces, these offbeat accommodations each have a distinctive personality, inviting travelers to create unforgettable experiences with stories to tell for years. Check out our list below of six funky, hidden gem hostels that promise a unique stay in Europe!

1. Urban Camper Hostel & Bar (Copenhagen, Denmark)  

Urban Camper Hostel & Bar has created an indoor urban campground where all the rooms are in tents. You can do all the cool stuff from camping while staying clean and not worry about bad weather! Sleep, eat, drink, party, play games, and meet new friends. With HostelPass, you can save 10% off your booking and earn a free welcome drink!

2. Sant Jordi Hostels Rock Palace (Barcelona, Spain) 

No surprise given its name, Sant Jordi Hostels Rock Palace has a rock and roll theme! Walking through the hostel, you can discover different eras of this music style in the different floors inspired by famous bars and concert areas. End your tour with a dip in their rooftop pool and save 20% off with HostelPass!

3. BUNK (Amsterdam & Utrecht, Netherlands)

With two locations in the well-renowned cities Amsterdam and Utrecht, BUNK is a converted church that bridges the gap between hotels and hostels by combining affordable luxury rooms and smartly designed private bunk beds, pod-style. Have fun exploring the hidden passageways and discovering the unique art around the church. With HostelPass, you can save 10% off your stay at either BUNK location.

4. Sant Jordi Hostels Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)

Another themed hostel, Sant Jordi Hostels Sagrada Familia has a skater theme that reflects the vibrant urban culture and artistic creativity of Barcelona. Its amenities include a large guest kitchen, lounge, private patio, and an indoor skate room with a mini-ramp. Bonus: if you’re a HostelPass member, you get a 20% discount here!

5. Ecomama (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 

EcoMama – a sustainability themed hostel – marries the coziness of a community, the luxury of a hotel, and the meaningfulness of a social business. With unique and customized accommodation, there is something that fits everyone’s personal needs. Embrace your inner child and have fun using the indoor swinging chairs or ‘teepeeing’ in your tent. If you’re a HostelPass member, you can also save an extra 10% off

6. Hostel Celica (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Last but not least, Hostel Celica is a one-of-a-kind, artistically transformed old military prison turned into a funky hostel. The property has transformed 20 former prison cells into private rooms with prison bars on windows and doors. Hostel Celica also has dorms ranging from 4-12 beds for those who want a different or traditional hostel experience. You can save 15% off your booking and get a free breakfast with HostelPass!

Get creative with your travels and save more with HostelPass

We hope you enjoyed reading our roundup of six funky, hidden gem hostels that promise a unique stay in Europe! Accommodation while traveling no longer has to be just a bed to sleep in but an experience to remember. With HostelPass, you’re guaranteed to find places that are not just budget-friendly, safe, and central, but also spots that can be a fun and unique stay. Happy travels!

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