Explore Berlin

Big, boisterous and brilliantly fun, Berlin magnetizes backpackers to the heart of central-north Europe.

Where to stay in Berlin

We’re experts at finding the best value-for-money accommodation all across Europe. We’ve even negotiated exclusive deals for you to get discounts at all of our top picks. These are our favorite places to stay in Berlin:
An experience & design-led hotel in Alexanderplatz, Central Berlin.
A stylish hotel in Prenzlauer Berg, the perfect location to explore East Berlin.
An experience & design-led hotel in Mitte, Central Berlin.

What to do in Berlin

Creative kitchens and urban spas, bohemian neighborhoods to rival New York’s Village, and totemic history sites all combine to make it somewhere you’re certain not to forget in a hurry. A list of things to do in Berlin will inevitably fuse history with gritty urban districts.
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