Explore Milan

Whether you’re visiting for fashion, art, history, or food, Milan has it all.

Where to stay in Milan

We’re experts at finding the best value-for-money accommodation all across Europe. We’ve even negotiated exclusive deals for you to get discounts at all of our top picks. These are our favorite places to stay in Milan:
Ostello Bello Milano Duomo isn’t just the perfect place for those coming from afar, it’s also a watering hole for the Milanese.
YellowSquare Milan is a great spot for creative professionals, digital nomads, and solo travelers looking for an adventure.

What to do in Milan

Milan is one of the first places that comes to mind when you think of Italy. For some, it conjures images of the fashion industry; for others, it’s the birthplace of Italian culture and history. Whatever your reason for traveling to Milan, it will not disappoint. It’s a city full of style, class, and sophistication. You can find great food there, or sip on your espresso at an outdoor café in a plaza or piazza.
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