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Dublin Dark Side Tour
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Listen to the dark stories as we explore the more haunted side of Dublin
Dublin Dark Side Tour
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About SANDEMANs New Europe

Join us on this 2.5-hour walking tour as we make our way through church graveyards and down narrow back alleys to discover the side of Dublin that you won’t find on any postcards. This night tour of Dublin will tell you gruesome stories of brothels run by serial killers, cannibals with a taste for young children, and the notorious Hellfire Club, said to be made up of Devil worshippers, whose club house allegedly received visits from Satan himself.

Your Dublin Dark Side Tour starts at Barnardo Square next to City Hall and usually finishes in Smithfield Square.

Learn about the Irish folklore

Fairies, leprechauns, banshees and rainbows – there is an endless supply of folklore in Ireland. While most of them are whimsical, you will discover the darker tales on this tour. Halloween originated from the Gaelic harvest festival of Samhain. This changing of season was believed to be a time when beings from the spiritual world could more easily cross over into our dimension. With stories like that, it’s no wonder that the most famous gothic novel Dracula was written by an Irish writer!

Discover the ghosts of Dublin’s buildings

While you marvel at the stunning architecture of Dublin, be aware that you might not be the only one in the ancient buildings… The Dublin Castle is said to be haunted with the souls of beheaded invaders. A young boy named Charlie Parker strolls around the Olympia Theatre – the staff say he is friendly though!

Additional Details

  • Tour in English, Spanish
  • This tour is wheelchair accessible
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