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Reach more travelers with HostelPass

HostelPass promotes the best discounts across Europe. We created HostelPass to revive post-pandemic travel and drive more direct bookings right to our partner’s websites.

What is HostelPass?

HostelPass is a website that unlocks access to discounts on everything that makes for an amazing European adventure, from hostels to tours to pub crawls to Covid testing. Free to join for our partners, and just £29.99 for users, HostelPass is a no-brainer for any keen traveller. It is valid for one year, and can be renewed annually.

Why join us?

Get direct bookings

We send customers to your website to book directly with you

Attract low-season travellers

Get dedicated marketing to American study-abroad students who travel during the low season

On-board quickly and easily

Simply set up unique discount codes on your website for HostelPass users

How does it work?

1)  The traveller purchases HostelPass membership on the our website

2)  When the traveller is ready to book their experience, tour, etc., they login to HostelPass to browse from our curated selection of amazing options

3)  Once they find what they want to book, they are redirected to the provider’s website, where they can use their HostelPass discount code at checkout

Ready to get started?

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