Get Questo’s City Exploration Games For FREE With Our Hostel Card


To celebrate the launch of experiences and other discounts on our Hostel Card, we have partnered with Questo to give you FREE city exploration games for the whole of March, 2022! How can you play these awesome games for free this month? Get our Hostel Card to get 100% off their games selection. 

About Questo’s City Exploration Games

Questo offers games which enable you to explore and learn about a city on your own. While they resemble tours, they act more like real-world adventure games. Using their app, you can explore a new place or your home city by solving challenges which unlock new places and their cool stories!

How Questo Works

Play a real-world exploration game by doing quests. Follow clues and complete challenges to find new places and discover their unknown stories. You can choose between outdoor quests in the city or indoor quests in castles, museums, villas and hundreds of other places.

Blending fiction with reality, you can be the main character of a story while solving challenges related to your immediate surroundings to unlock new places and fun stories. All through your smartphone.

Each game is unique and created around a specific theme, which can be inspired by a movie, a book, a historical fact, or a local legend.

The Games


The Golden Tulip Hunt, Amsterdam’s Cursed Houses, The Sailor Secrets, The High Life in Coffeeshops… caught your attention and curiosity, right? Play a city exploration game in Amsterdam to find out its secrets, un-touristy guides and much more! 


Into ghost stories, detective cases, or time travel mysteries? You have to experience the best of Budapest with one of Questo’s interesting games.


Feel like walking is the best way to explore a new city? Check out Fado Murder Mystery in Alfama, the Mysterious Map Hunt in Historical Belem or Strange Events in Old Town Lisbon, for unique and cool stories with Questo. 


Love finding out not-so-known facts about history? Meet Freud, Mozart & Beethoven in Vienna with Questo. You can also learn about Legends of the Great Plague in Medieval Vienna or go on a Spy Mission around the beautiful center of town.

Get Playing Before It Ends

Until March 31st, 2022, all Questo app games in the following cities are FREE as they support our launch of experiences on the Hostel Card: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Birmingham, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, Jerusalem, Lisbon, Liverpool, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Paris, Porto, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Venice, Vienna. 

Ready for an adventure? Get your hostel card here.

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