SANDEMANs NEW Europe Joins HostelPass

SANDEMANs NEW Europe Joins HostelPass

Home of the famous free walking tours in some of the world’s best cities, SANDEMANs NEW Europe has joined HostelPass! Their passion for connecting great guides with smart travelers makes their top quality free tours unmissable. The local experts take you on an educational adventure on a tips-only basis, so you know that you are getting the best tour and experience every time. If you want to dive deeper into a city, try one of the SANDEMANs paid tours and get 15% off with HostelPass! Here are some highlights… 

1. Experience the fascinating Amsterdam Red Light District with an expert local guide

The iconic red light district is one of Europe’s most famous neighborhoods. On this walking tour, you’ll learn about it’s rich history and see sights like the Condomerie on the famous Warmoesstrat, and hear about how Amsterdam’s coffee shops, sex workers, and drug laws became what they are today.

2. The Brussels tour for all the beer lovers 

SANDEMANs NEW Europe Joins HostelPass

Belgium has over 200 active breweries that produce a wide variety of beers. Join this amazing beer tour and taste some of the best that the country has to offer. You’ll visit some iconic bars in Brussels, learn about the history of Belgian beers, as well as the brewing process. 

3. Discover the magical world of Harry Potter in the city where it was written

SANDEMANs NEW Europe Joins HostelPass

Any true Harry Potter fan needs to experience this magical walking tour, and learn more about how the series came to life in Edinburgh. You might know all about Harry Potter, but did you know how much Edinburgh inspired the books? Join SANDEMANs expert local guide and Harry Potter aficionado to discover where multiple characters came to life, see where Lord Voldemort is buried, and spot the real-life school that gave life to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, and much more!

4. Immerse yourself in the traditional Shabbat experience in Jerusalem

SANDEMANs NEW Europe Joins HostelPass

Did you know that Jewish people invented the concept of the weekend? Join the Shabbat Experience as your local guide introduces you to one of the most important aspects of traditional Judaism. Focused on the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, you will discover some of Jerusalem’s most important Jewish sites. 

5. Take in some of the most vibrant parts of Majestic Madrid 

SANDEMANs NEW Europe Joins HostelPass

Walk through the heart of Madrid, taking in some of the most vibrant parts of the city. Stopping at places like Puerta del Sol and Madrid’s central boulevard, while listening to the city’s long history. Your local guide will take you to see the best views of Madrid (a secret insider tip), and  to soak up the bustling city’s atmosphere. 

6. Walk along Porto’s Douro riverbanks, learning about some of Portugal’s most fascinating stories

The scenic walking tour explores Porto’s neighborhoods, boasting some of the most beautiful sites in Europe. Walking along Porto’s riverbank, a UNESCO World Heritage site, you’ll learn about the creation of the Portuguese Navy, Protecting Porto and why it was called the “undefeated city”. 

24 SANDEMANs tours in 13 different cities are now on HostelPass!

We love the inclusivity that SANDEMANs stands for; to ensure that everyone, regardless of their budget, is able to experience a world-class tour. It truly is an amazing activity for anyone exploring a new city. 

If you don’t have the HostelPass yet, what are you waiting for? Join HostelPass and experience the best Europe has to offer, for less!

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