The Ultimate Backpacker’s Guide To Prague

Guide to Prague

Any backpacker’s guide to Prague comes brimming with frothy Czech beers and haunting Gothic castles – ours is no different.

Prague reigns as one of Europe’s most eerie and ethereal capitals. Beneath a sea of bell towers and church steeples, the Old Town bustles with life. It flits from rollicking Czech beer halls to medieval chapels in the blink of an eye, with alleys that wiggle and weave and never really let you know where they’re headed. Visitors are also invited to catch glimpses of the gorgeous Prague Castle, and feel the pulse of the modern Czech Republic.

Use this backpacker’s guide to Prague to pinpoint some of the must-see attractions along the Vltava River, along with our favorite, handpicked HostelPass stays.

Prague Travel Tips: The Bucket List

In the city where Kafka roamed and beer is the main pastime, you’re never short on moody districts, pubs, and disconcertingly large Gothic spires…

Be Amazed by Prague Castle

Prague Castle is, by some estimations, the single largest fortification on the globe. It really is huge. The complex is basically a district unto itself. Stroll across the statue-lined Charles Bridge and look up – that’s it, cascading down the hillsides from high bulwarks, through grape-vine gardens, all the way to the riverside. Tours of the site can take a whole day, but you can also explore the grounds for free.

Delve Into Prague’s Old Town

The single most atmospheric corner of this city comes in the form of the Old Town. It straddles the Vltava River, unfolding in a labyrinth of stony lanes and arch-covered alleys. There are shadows and subterranean bars aplenty, along with the vast Old Town Square, topped by the blackened spires of the haunting Church of Our Lady Before Týn. Be sure to have the camera ready for every bend in the road in these parts!

Get Hipster in Holešovice

Holešovice is Prague’s version of London’s Shoreditch. It’s where the old Communist tenements have been converted to cool flats and workshops. It’s a place laden with scented coffee roasters and cool boutiques. In short, it’s the spot to go to channel your inner hipster in the Czech capital.

The Curious Astronomical Clock

Prague lays claim to one of the last remaining and oldest astronomical clocks in the world. What’s an astronomical clock I hear you say? Well… it’s just the same as a regular clock, only it tells the relation of the planets to the moons and the stars. It’s hardly useful if you’ve got a reservation at the nearby beer hall to keep, but it’s a weird and wonderful experience watching the little figurine of Death strike the hour as statues of the apostles appear in the alcoves.

Guide to Prague: The Tastiest Things To Eat 

Sweet cakes, unpasteurized beers, and some intriguing sandwiches without a top all come into play in Prague. Foodies read on…


No that’s not a kebab store – it’s a trdelník shop. They might look like huge legs of meat skewered by the fire, but those are actually rolls of sweetened dough galvanized with walnut pieces, cinnamon, and sugar. They are the traditional Czech cake, and go perfectly with a stroll around the Christmas market on the Prague Old Town Square come December!


The whole of Central-Eastern Europe seems to prefer their sandwiches without a hat on. Prague is no different, which is why bakeries and bars across the Czech capital offer the chlebíčky. Slices of bread topped with boiled eggs, salad, pickled gherkins, cucumber, ham, cream cheese and much more, they are a doozy of a snack to match with that Czech beer…

Czech Beer

Beer is as much of a magnet for travelers heading Prague’s way as the great castle and the heritage of Kafka. Some say this city is the veritable home of the hops brew. It certainly shows, with more underground beer taverns than you can shake a fresh pint at – but don’t do that! Two of the most famous are frugal U Hrocha and the classic Dům U Vejvodů.

Explore Prague With Our Hand-Picked Hostels

Prague has been hosting backpackers for decades. It’s one of the original Interrailer party cities with plenty of history thrown in on top. The upshot? Expect the hostels here to run the gamut from hedonistic to deluxe… Join our Europe Pass waitlist to be the first to know when its on sale!

If you’ve got anything to tack onto this ultimate backpacker’s guide to Prague, we’d love to hear it in the comments below. Seriously, tips on the top beer halls, eateries, and sights – all welcome!

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