The Best Christmas Markets in Europe – And Where to Stay with HostelPass!


Tis the season for European Christmas market planning! With less than two months to go until it’s officially Christmas, it’s safe to say that the holiday season countdown has begun! Our team at HostelPass has compiled a list of the best European Christmas markets to check out. Whether you’re planning a winter European getaway, studying abroad in Europe this semester, or exploring your own country, here’s a list of the best Christmas markets in Europe to visit this holiday season and how you can save more money on accommodation with HostelPass. 

*Note: we made an effort to include the best Christmas markets in Europe located in major cities as they are easier to get to via public transport. 

1. Dresden, Germany

Did you know that Christmas markets originated in Germany? Dresden’s Striezelmarkt, dates back to 1434, and is one of Germany’s oldest Christmas markets. This market boasts handcrafted ornaments, gifts, and a festive atmosphere that will transport you back in time. Don’t forget to try the famous Dresdner Christstollen, a traditional Christmas German bread full of nuts, spices, and dried fruit and coated with powdered or icing sugar. We recommend these places to stay in Dresden with HostelPass for extra savings. 

2. Budapest, Hungary

Check out Budapest’s Christmas market, Advent Feast at the Basilica, located at St. Stephen’s Basilica. This award-winning market features a stunning light show that’s projected onto the façade of the basilica, creating a mesmerizing visual display. You’ll find traditional Hungarian treats, handcrafted gifts, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that embodies the spirit of the season. Get up to 20% off on Budapest lodging with your HostelPass here!

3. Stockholm, Sweden

Image credit: Royal Djurgarden

Stockholm’s Skansen, the world’s first open-air museum, hosts a traditional Christmas market that takes visitors on a journey through Sweden’s past. The market features historical buildings and craftsmen, giving you a glimpse into the country’s rich heritage. Shop for handcrafted gifts, sample traditional Swedish cuisine, and enjoy cultural performances that make this market a unique and educational experience. Enjoy 10% off Stockholm accommodation with your HostelPass.

4. Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s Christkindlmarkt, held in front of the stunning City Hall (Rathaus), is the epitome of elegance and charm. Here, you’ll find an array of handmade crafts, from delicate ornaments to intricately designed gifts. Warm up with a cup of traditional Glühwein (mulled wine), savor scrumptious Austrian pastries, and enjoy the harmonious sounds of carolers and orchestras. For extra holiday fun, try ice skating on the rink and stay at our go-to spot with HostelPass for additional savings.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Image credit: VisitDenmark

Finally, Copenhagen’s Christmas market at Tivoli Gardens is an unforgettable visit. The city’s oldest amusement park transforms into a winter wonderland with stalls, lights, and festive entertainment. To make your holiday experience even more memorable, check out the city’s Santa Lucia floating parade in the canals held on December 13. Watch kayaks sail through the canal decorated in lights and Christmas ornaments. And of course, you have to check out these top-rated accommodations in Copenhagen with HostelPass. 

Ready to Experience the Best Christmas Markets in Europe with HostelPass? 

Get ready to experience the magic of winter wonderland with all of our top picks for the best Christmas markets in Europe and best deals for lodging with HostelPass. If you’re thinking about staying in Europe longer, be sure to also read our blog post on the Best European Cities to Ring in the New Year. We hope you have the best time making memories and enjoying all that the best Christmas markets in Europe have to offer – we guarantee you it will be a trip to remember. Happy holidays!

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